Common Issues in Android Lollipop and Their Solutions

Android Lollipop problems with their solutions
Although Android Marshmallow is out for some devices, abounding of the accessories are still application Lollipop and are still accepting updates to the OS. Lollipop has been a amazing operating arrangement for Android with such amazing features, but there is no such affair as perfect, and Lollipop is no exception. There are abounding Android Lollipop issues and we’re traveling to account actuality some accepted Android Lollipop issues and their accessible fix.
Crashing Apps:
The Lollipop amend somehow alien anamnesip0pls leaks that acquired way too abounding problems all over. This Android Lollipop affair acquired the apps to blast and accept lag in the UI and even acquired the UI to force stop afterwards any affectionate of warning.
On high-end devices, this aperture isn’t abundant noticeable, but for the earlier devices, this can could cause a lot of problems.
Rebooting the accessory will abandoned fix this briefly and afterwards a few days, the lag will return.
Clearing the Google play’s abstracts will somehow break the issue, but to assuredly break the affair you’ll accept to delay for Google to absolution an official update.
Slow Charge:
If your accessory happens to allegation a little slower than before, again you’re not in fact abandoned in this matter. A lot of users are accepting this Android Lollipop affair and do agenda that charging from a PC will consistently be slow. Some abeyant solutions to this are.
• If you’re application a third-party charger, again that ability be the acumen of apathetic charging.
• The cable ability be causing a problem, try charging it with addition trusted cable.
• Bright your device’s accumulation partition.
Rapid array drain:
A lot of users are accusatory about this Android Lollipop affair that their mobile’s array drains a lot faster than it acclimated to or decreases absolutely fast. This was a above affair in the aboriginal Lollipop amend was after anchored with an amend and should apparently accept a abundant bigger array activity than before. If you’re still adverse the problem, try these.
• Amend all your apps so they are accordant with the new OS and aswell bright their cache.
• Factory displace your device.
No audio on call:
Quite a few humans accept in fact faced this Android Lollipop affair area they can’t assume to apprehend the addition and carnality versa. This makes the user absurd to accept calls. The abeyant solutions to this are.
• Restarting your buzz seems to break the problem.
• Try application your headsets or a Bluetooth angle and again about-face aback to the audio of your device.
Camera is not working:
Not a lot of humans accept been adverse this Android Lollipop affair but for those who have, this affair has balked them a lot. Some humans accept aswell been accusatory about the camera buttons dematerialization so even you cannot about-face to the foreground camera. Some solutions to fix this affair are.
• Restart your adaptable and again accessible the app.
• Force stop the camera app from settings and bright its accumulation and abstracts and again restart your accessory
• Wipe the Accumulation of your device.
• Factory displace your device.

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